dCS Puccini CD SACD player 唱盤


步,包括非常重要的Word Clock外部時鐘輸入功能,而轉


多。Puccini採用dCS Ring DAC的專利技術,以5bit做超取








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Upsampling CD/SACD Player
Silver or Black
Dual laser CD/SACD mechanism
(W) 460mm x (D) 410mm x (H) 101mm
(W) 18.0 x (D) 16.1 x (H) 4
Allow extra depth for cable connectors
Converter Type
CD data may be upsampled to DSD before
oversampling. Patented dCS Ring DAC topolog,y
oversampling to 5 bits at 2.822 or 3.07 MS/
Analogue Outputs
Output Levels: 2V rms or 6V rms on all outputs for a
full-scale input, set in the menu.
Balanced Outputs - 1 stereo pair on 2x 3-pin male
XLR connectors (pin 2 = hot, pin 3 = cold).
These outputs are electronically balanced and floating,
the signal balance ratio at 1kHz is better than 40dB.
Output impedance is 3 Ω , maximum load is 600 Ω (a
10k Ω load is recommended).
Unbalanced Outputs - 1 stereo pair on 2x RCA Phono
connectors. Output impedance is 52Ω , maximum load
is 600 Ω (a 10kΩ load is recommended).
Digital Inputs
2x SPDIF on 2x RCA Phono connectors. Each will
accept up to 24 bit PCM at 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2 &
Word Clock I/O
Word Clock Input on 1x 75Ω BNC connector. When
playing a disc, accepts standard word clock at
44.1kHz. Sensitive to TTL levels.
Word Clock Output on 1x 75Ω BNC connector. When
playing a disc and not locked to an external clock, a
TTL-compatible 44.1kHz word clock derived from the
internal crystal oscillator is available on this output.
Clock Frequencies
44.1kHz in Master Mode.
Calibrated within +/-10ppm,
not temperature compensated.
Spurious Responses
Better than –100dB0 @ 20Hz - 20kHz.
CD Updates
Updates loaded by CD-R
Local Control
Starter remote control provided or RS232.
Power Supply
Factory set for 115 V AC, 60
Power Consumption
30 Watts typical/ 40 Watts maximum




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