dCS Debussy U-DAC USB數位類比轉換器

DebussyUSB數位類比處理器將會是未來音響系統的趨勢 Debussy結合了dCS Ring DAC技術和dCS專利証號(GB0817141.5),讓USB與電腦連接的非同步模式此,DebussyUSB數位類比處理器能使任何數位訊源完美呈現並無限延伸。

Debussy以鋁合金高度精密製作,打造華麗時尚的外型,所有的按鍵也是高精密金屬打造,無論是CD還是電腦訊源,Debussy都能精準掌握每個細節,讓你聽見夢寐以求的聲音。與旗艦ScarlattiPaganiniPuccini一樣採用dCS Ring DAC技術,將所有訊號可超取樣至5 bits 2.822 3.07 MS/sDebussy的數位輸入有AES3Dual AESSPDIFUSB 2.0數位音量控制可與後級直接搭配使用而不需要前級最大的輸出可以選擇2V6V來配合不同的擴大機與喇叭。兩組濾波,分別為linear phase with pre-ringing or non-linear phase without pre-ringing

與電腦連結時,Debussy 會啟動USB非同步模式,提供電腦非同步模訊號來同步電腦,如此,時鐘便能更為精準且jitter也更低。AESSPDIF數位輸入介面是所有數位類比處理器的工業標準,因此,可以和其他的器材搭配使用。Debussy也可以外接任何一台dCS的主時鐘系統,讓它的表現效率更好。在未來,無論用dCSCD片,還是透過電腦Debussy的軟體、韌體都可輕易更新升級。


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Digital-to-Analogue Converter.
(W) 445mm x (D) 392mm x (H) 65mm
(W) 17.6 x (D) 15.5 x (H) 2.6
Allow extra depth for cable connectors.
Analogue Outputs
Output Levels: 2V rms or 6V rms on all outputs, set by the Output Level switch on the rear panel.
Balanced Outputs - 1 stereo pair on 2x 3-pin male
XLR connectors (pin 2 = hot, pin 3 = cold)
These outputs are electronically balanced and floating,
the signal balance ratio at 1kHz is better than 40dB
Output impedance is 3 Ω , maximum load is 600 Ω (a
10k Ω load is recommended).
These outputs are electronically balanced and floating - the signal balance ratio at 1kHz is better than 40dB Output impedance is 3 Ω and maximum load is 600Ω (a 10kΩ load is recommended).
Unbalanced Outputs - 1 stereo pair of 2x RCA Phono
connectors. Output impedance is 52Ω  maximum load
is 600 Ω (a 10kΩ load is recommended).
Digital Inputs
USB interface on a B-type connector will accept up to 24 bit PCM at 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96kS/s. Operates in asynchronous mode.
2x AES/EBU on 3-pin female XLR connectors. Each will accept up to 24bit PCM at 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2 &96kS/s.
OR as a Dual AES pair at 88.2, 96, 176.4 & 192kS/s.
2x SPDIF on 1x RCA Phono and 1x BNC connectors.
Each will accept PCM at 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96kS/s
up to 24 bits.
Word Clock I/O
INPUT - Word Clock Input on 1x BNC connector.
Accepts standard word clock at 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2 & 96kHz.
Residual Noise
Better than -100dB0 @ 20Hz - 20kHz unweighted.(6V Setting).
Spurious Responses

Better than - 100dB0 @ 20Hz - 20kHz.


2 filters on Debussy give different trade-offs between the Nyquist image rejection and the phase response.

Filter 1 is a classic sharp filter with linear phase and pre-ringing. Filter 2 is an alternative filter which has non-linear phase and no pre-ringing.

Software Updates
Loaded from CD or Computer via USB.
Local Control

IR (RC5) or RS232. A dCS Premium remote control is available as an optional extra.

USB Mode Volume Control - Debussy volume can be controlled by either Vol +/- buttons or the volume control on the computer used as a source.

Media Player Transport Controls - Debussy implements a USB HID interface. This means that not only can the user change the Debussy volume via the attached computer, but Debussy can also perform functions such as Play/Pause”/"Media Next”/"Media Prev”/"Media FF/RW”.

Power Supply
Factory set for 100, 115, 220 or 230 V AC, 49 - 62Hz.
Power Consumption
22 Watts typical/ 30 Watts maximum

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