The Zero GOLD w/HFX – XLR 1.5m

Zero系列的平衡線材,以獨家真空密封的XLR–110 ohm AES/EBU配置端子,運用RSC® GEN 2 SA-OF8N®也就是第二代的RSC線芯銅編織包覆屏蔽,以及Tara Labs獨創的ISM™技術的浮動接地盒,專利的PTFE™空氣管塑造真空絕緣環境,使噪訊降至最低,帶來細膩的音樂細節以及最精凖的音質。

  • New and proprietary air-dielectric construction
  • Rectangular Solid Core® (RSC®) conductors which are ‘seated’ inside small air-tubes™
  • Exceptional high-frequency extension and detail
  • Capacitance of 3 pF
  • Stereophile magazine 2016 “Most Recommended Components” Award

  • The Absolute Sound magazine’s 2006 "Editor’s Choice Award"

  • HXOS Eikona Athens 2016 "Best Sound" Aphrodite’s Melody

  • Positive Feedback 2015 “Pro-Studio Instrument cable” Brutus Award