The Omega™ Evolution Speaker Cables

Omega Evolution 是僅次於Grand Master Evolution喇叭線的次旗艦產品。

採SAOF-8N單芯銅線,同樣為方芯銅導體(Rectangular Solid Core) 技術並採用獨家壓製的方形切面導線設計,電流承載能力更為傑出,維持最精準的音樂呈現。

  • BSM (with 1/4’’ or 5/16’’ Spades or Bananas
  • 4+ gauge conductor runs per channel
  • SAOF-8N copper
  • Each channel comprised of 224 RSC Gen 2 conductors in Aero-PE GMI dielectric
  • Separate positive and negative conductor run for each channel
  • Helixed Rectangular Solid-Core conductors and air-tube technology
  • Spectacular power and clarity. Absolutely neutral and coherent
  • Superb resolution of micro-detail and ambient information
  • Powerful dynamic contrasts. Superbly defined and vivid images
  • Stereophile magazine 2016 “Most Recommended Components” Award

  • HXOS Eikona Athens 2016 "Best Sound" Aphrodite’s Melody

  • Positive Feedback 2015 “Omega Evolution Speaker cable” Brutus Award

  • The Absolute Sound magazine’s 2006 "Editor’s Choice Award"

  • The Absolute Sound magazine’s 2010 "Editor’s Choice Award"

  • The Absolute Sound magazine’s 2012 "Editor’s Choice Award"